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Redesigning PLUI E-commerce with a User-Centered Approach:

  • Simplified Purchasing: Provides precise size information, ensuring parents can confidently buy the right size for their children.

  • Streamlined Bulk Buying: Enhances inventory management and operational efficiency for distributors by streamlining the bulk buying process.

  • Engaging Experience for Children: Enables children to easily search for products featuring their favorite characters, making the shopping experience engaging and fun.


Immigrating to the United States can be complex, with many legal options. Many people lack information and make mistakes during this process. Pocketed Counsel empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to migrate successfully. The platform provides accurate information, helping users confidently navigate immigration procedures and make well-informed decisions.


Let's discuss the future of grocery shopping!

Create a feature for the Andina app that assists customers with specific dietary needs by helping them easily identify and filter products while shopping in the store.

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