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Let´s discuss the future of groceries!

Andina aimed to revolutionize the shopping for groceries experience, offering its customers improved options for a more satisfying shopping journey. 

This is the case study --->

I've developed this interactive prototype to evaluate the outcomes of my UX research for Andina's design solution, with the goal of improving the grocery shopping experience. The provided link leads to a prototype with a specific path that is designed to showcase all the features of my design proposal, with only the high-contrast buttons enabled on every screen. To explore it, please click the following link --->

andina app.gif
pocketed counsel logo.png

Immigrating to the United States involves a complex and challenging process with numerous legal options. However, many people lack information and make mistakes in this process. Pocketed Counsel is presented as an informative tool aimed at those who are considering the possibility of immigrating to the United States but lack access to easy-to-digest crucial information.

This is the case study --->

I developed this med-fi prototype as a solution for the Pocketed Counsel project, which serves as an informative tool for individuals considering immigration to the United States but facing challenges in accessing crucial information. Please click this link to explore the interactive Prototype --->

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